120, 140 Or 170 Euro? How Much Does The All-New Next-Gen Nike Premier II Anti-Clog Boots Really Cost

When we leaked the Nike Premier II Anti-Clog football boots some months ago, we reported that the boots would cost you only around 100 GBP (120 Euro, 120 USD). However, when the Nike Premier 2 soccer boots went on sale at the biggest UK football retailer (Pro Direct Soccer), the retail price was suddenly 150 GBP (170 GBP). What's the real price of the Nike Premier II Anti-Clog football boot?

What's The Actual Retail Price of The Nike Premier II Anti-Clog Football Boots?

Following the launch on July 1 2017, the Nike Premier II Anti-Clog soccer cleats bit by bit went on sale at all major retailers in Europe, including Nike.com. But while the boot costs you 150 GBP (170 Euro) in the UK (including Nike UK's online store), you just have to pay 120 Euro (105 GBP) for the boots in all other European countries (e.g. Germany, Spain, Italy). That's 45 GBP (50 Euro) less than you have to pay if you are from Great Britain.

Unisport, a Denmark-based retailer operating throughout Europe, set the price on 140 Euro (123 GBP), which is more customers from Europe usually have to pay but still less than what you have to pay if you are ordering on UK websites. The Nike Premier II FG version costs 95 GBP (107 Euro) in the UK and 100 Euro (88 GBP) outside the UK, a much more reasonable pricing.

Nike Premier 2 Anti-Clog Football Boots - Prices

  • Unisportsore: 140 Euro
  • Nike UK, Pro Direct Soccer, Lovell Soccer: 150 GBP (170 Euro)
  • Nike Europe, Independent Retailers Outside UK 120 Euro (105 GBP)

The Nike Premier II Anti-Clog soccer boot is not available in the United States yet, while the recommended retail price should be around 140 USD.

Do you think it is brazenly from Nike to make the Anti-Clog Nike Premier II boot so expensive in the UK? Let us know in the comments below.
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