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Insane Dynamic Fit Collar Next-Gen Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Prototype Boots Revealed

Nike has showcased some of the prototypes that were produced during the development of the next-generation Nike Tiempo Legend 7 football boot, revealing that they thought about adding a Dynamic Fit collar, tongue-less design to the iconic Nike Tiempo Legend soccer cleat. All pictures via Pro:Direct+.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Prototype Boots

Here is the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 prototype soccer cleat with the Dynamic Fit collar.

The prototype that we are talking about is black, white and golden, just as the launch colorway of the Nike Tiempo Legend 7. However, whereas the final version of the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 boot comes with Flyknit in the heel area, these prototypes feature a low Dynamic Fit collar and a tongue-less design, while the rest of the construction seems to be identical to the old Nike Tiempo Legend 6. What does this likely means?

Nike's designer thought about adding the collar to the Nike Tiempo, while they decided against the collar in the end but created an all-new knitted Flyknit heel area for the boot.

Other prototypes show a totally blackout, traditional, full-leather Nike Tiempo Legend cleat, a Nike Tiempo Legend VII with an interesting sole plate as well as prototype that is very close to the final product but features a full-golden midsole instead of a white midsole (final colorway).

What do you think of this? Do you like that Nike decided against adding a collar to the Nike Tiempo Legend? Let us know in the comments below and check out all boots and prototypes in our Boot Calendar.