Italy Youngster Shows Off Never-Seen-Before Nike Magista Prototype Boots

Italy and Milan youngster Manuel Locatelli, who was one of the first players to try out the Magista Obra II last year, last month was spotted wearing what is believed to be a prototype for the upcoming generation of the Nike control boot.

Locatelli Offers First Look at Next-Gen Nike Magista

Locatelli, a regular of the high-cut Nike Magista Obra, laced up in a pair of blackout boots which have a clear Magista Opus vibe around them.

A traditional low-cut cleat, they appear to feature the Magista Opus' trademark Kangalite (synthetic leather) upper, while a pronounced dot pattern features both on the inside and the outstep of the model. This last feature in particular actually places them closer to the initial than the heavily updated version of the Magista Opus II that is on sale today.

The tongue and sole plate of the boots worn by Locatelli, or rather what can be seen of them, are also quite similar to that of the current Magista Opus 2.

That's all what can be said about the picture and its background, but there's more. Expecting that Nike will continue its two-year cycle, a new Magista is set to be launched in time for the World Cup. At this point we can only confirm that a next-gen Magista won't be released in the first quarter (there's another current-gen colorway planned first), but it would be a huge shock if one wouldn't follow shortly after.

What do you think? Will Nike bring back the dots for the third generation of the Nike Magista? Drop us a line below.