Nike Advertises Inexistent Nike TiempoX Proximo II

As you'll know, Nike stopped the TiempoX Proximo model, the indoor and turf equivalent of the Tiempo Legend, with the release of the 7th generation this summer.

However, it looks like this wasn't a decision the company took lightly or a long time in advance, or how else can it be explained that Nike itself is advertising a k-leather featuring TiempoX Proximo II that cannot be bought anywhere including its own online store.

The shoe appears prominently on the Tiempo silo overview on Nike's website and is advertised as featuring a kangaroo leather / Flyknit upper that's on par with the Tiempo Legend VII - the TiempoX Finale II only has calf leather. The only thing that's identical between TiempoX Finale and the unavailable Proximo is the mid- and outsole.

A quick Google search turns up one store in Australia that is selling the shoe, at a price that equals approximately USD 150 (TiempoX Finale: USD 95). Though, most likely Rebel Sport does not really stock the shoe, and it was only added to its product database automatically before Nike killed it.

Nike had previously announced it would simplify its product catalog by getting rid of underperforming items. It looks like we're starting to see the effects of that in football, both with the simplification of the takedown offering and the removal of the TiempoX Proximo option.

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