All-New Logo After Just 6 Years: 1898-2023: Here Is The Full Italy Crest History

Update January 2023: After just six years, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) have launched another all-new logo. Italian Football TV have created a nice infographic featuring every Italy football team crest in history.

Italy Football Logo History

Interestingly, new Italy kit maker Adidas will bring back the fans' popular 1992 logo with a retro remake kits collection.


Starting off, the Italian national team wore a simple coat of arms badge on its jerseys, featuring the Savoy Cross in the center.


1945 saw the first 'own' logo introduced for the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), which did not appear on shirts (the Scudetto was used instead), but could be seen as an inspiration for the most recent versions of the badge.



1946-1982 (shirt)

After the war, the well-known 'Scudetto', worn by the Italian league winner to this day, started to feature on the Italy national team kits instead of the Savoy Cross.


Having updated the previous variant over the previous almost 40 years, a brand-new logo was created in the 1980s.


Another big update followed in 1991, with a design that's very much a child of its time.


In 2003, the FIGC introduced the logo which is more or less still used today.


With the 2006 World Cup in the bag, the crest was updated ever so slightly to accommodate the fourth star won in Germany. The swirl in the center was enlarged as well.


The 2018 World Cup saw Italy adopting a totally new crest for the first time in more than ten years.


After just six years, the FIGC unveiled another all-new logo. It debuts on the Adidas Italy 2023 home and away kits. Adidas are replacing Puma.

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