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Boot Watch #021 | Transfer Market & International Cup

Welcome back to our weekly boot watch! This week, the world of futbol remains in the off-season. However, with tournaments like the International cup we're able to get some quality spottings from players in between contracts or simply in new or unreleased colorways.

Nana Ichise | Unknown Adidas Model

I know cleats well, and this spotting has me stumped. At first i thought they were a pair of Old 11Pro's or a custom Gloro, but they seem to be neither. When it comes to the Asian market, boots are actually very different so i'm not ashamed to say i don't recognize these. If you know what they are, tell us in the comments! Also, a little nod goes to her teammate in the white Under Armor Clutchfit 3.0s, great boot!

Alireza Haghighi | Custom Nike Tiempo Legend VI

This is yet another hard spot, but with a closer look and different angle, the showing of a Tiempo Legend VI are evident. The sole was the main giveaway, but Mr Alireza did pretty well at hiding the identity of his boots.

Marcel Halstenburg | Nike Mercurial Superfly IV

Those are out dated buddy, they're still a great boot nonetheless but the colorway is definitely one we have not seen in some time. Bravo Marcel, stand out from the crowd and wear what you like!

Romelu Lukaku | Adidas X16 Leather

Now I'm getting fed up. Mr Lukaku, i beg you to choose one boot or even one brand at this point! It's weeks now I'm watching this man and every time I do, he's got a different pair of boots on his feet! How can a professional player be so indesicive about his most used piece of gear!

Marco Parolo | Nike Tiempo VII

This comes to me as a shock, and I'm disappointed to say it's nothing new. Parolo, who used to sport Mizuno Morelia boots is now under Nike wearing the new Legend VII. Thinking this is something recent, I've seen him wearing Legend Vi's in previous photos which means i simply missed out on this brand switch awhile ago.

Rade Dugalic | Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Speaking of the Morelia NEO, here is exactly the boot Parolo had been wearing for some time. Handmade in Japan with quality leather and a lightweight concept in mind, it is a sublime cleat to own.

Georgi Melkadze | Adidas Messi 16.1

When a boot is made and branded after a certain popular player, it's always nice to see other professionals lace up in those exact boots. The Messi silo only lasted 2 generations but was a pretty quality based idea, the 16.1 is the model spotted here in the bronze colorway.

Leon Britton | Adidas X 15.1

This boot will never disappear, whether it's the synthetic or the leather this exact model and colorway remains seen all over the place being worn by many professional players. I find them really good looking but they must perform just as well because this guy is now 2 generations behind and still rocking them.

Kasper Schmeichel | Custom New Balance Furon

Correct me if I'm wrong in the comments, but I'm taking a educated guess that these whiteout New Balance boots are a prototype of the recently released Furon Pro III. Schmeichel has been wearing Furons for some time and this being a whiteout means they're probably a prototype, but as a new model just released my best guess is that he was too comfy in them to swap into the launch color. Also they do go well with his white kit!

Paulo Dybala | Custom Puma One 17.1

Between Lukaku and Dybala, I'm beginning to get a headache. Lacing up in another pair of blackout boots, Dybala opted for the big cat and their new One 17.1 model. At least the Juventus forward is keeping it professional in blackouts and looking classy while he's at it.

Per Mertesacker | Adidas Ace 17.1 leather

I would be this player, the guy who knows the boots haven't been released yet but doesn't care and slips them on early anyways. Especially in this model, the underrated leather ace 17.1 which is no longer even offered to the public but only professionals!

Juan Cuadrado | Adidas X17.1 leather

I added this one more for the actual picture than the spotting. Juventus' Juan Cuadrado smiles for the camera with a mouth full of X17. From the pictures, it seems the front portion is a leather variation which would fit as Cuadrado has previously opted for leather variations from Adidas.

Hope you enjoyed the latest boot watch, please let us know if you have another spot or found error in our work.