Kompany Switches to New Boots After Smashing Adidas For Discontinuing Great Defenders' Boots 4 Months Ago

Update: Almost four months after he criticized Adidas for discontinuing "great defenders' boots", Vincent Kompany switched cleats. While he previously laced up in old-gen Adidas Ace Kangaroo football boots, he now laces up in Adidas' classic modern boot, the Adidas Copa 17.1.

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Vincent Kompany Switches to Adidas Copa 17.1 Boots

Close-up picture of Kompany's cleats.

The Adidas Copa 17.1 football boot is actually Adidas' only modern boot with a full Kangaroo leather upper. However, Adidas is also set to change them to a non full leather cleat with the release of the next-generation Adidas Copa 18.1. It is almost certain that Kompany, who prefers full Kangaroo leather boots, will not switch to them...

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has criticized Adidas on Twitter for their new football boots line-up. Kompany has been wearing the same Adidas boots since he made his comeback from a calf injury in April 2016.

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Kompany had been sponsored by New Balance for three years from 2013 until early 2016, while he seems to be without a boot contract since. He first switched to blackout boots in April 2016 for two matches, while he since May 2016 has been wearing the same old Adidas Ace 16.1 leather football boots.

Vincent Kompany Criticizes Adidas For Discontinuing Best Boots Designed For Defenders

The Belgian international have had some problems with his boots as he revealed that he chose to wear his socks low in a bid to alleviate pressure on his calves. The fact that he has been wearing the same soccer cleats since more than a year now is another clear indicator that there is just no other boot than the old Adidas Ace K-Leather Stellar Pack that fits his needs.

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Back in April 2016 he said about his deal with New Balance: "I don't think that is something I can comment on for now." When pressed on whether he was switching to Adidas, he again refused to comment.

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What do you think of Adidas' current boot line-up? With Toni Kroos also wearing the same boots for years now (Adidas Adipure 11pro), do you think that there are too less / too bad Adidas leather comfort boots available currently? Let us know in the comments below.