No Adidas - Peru Sign Marathon Kit Deal

Update: The Peruvian Football Federation yesterday announced that Marathon had won the bidding process to become the country's new jersey supplier for four years from August 1 2018 until 2022. The new deal would be worth 400% more than the federation's previous contract with Umbro.

Peru Signs Marathon Kit Deal

The FPF said that Marathon, in addition to making an excellent economic proposal, has also a large structure that will allow clothing with the latest technology and quality.

Following up on the bidding process opened by the Peruvian Football Federation some weeks ago, it was decided that Marathon will replace Umbro as kit supplier of the Peruvian national football team. Umbro's deal with Peru will end in December 2017.

Marathon Becomes New Peru Kit Maker

The Ecuadorian brand Marathon was chosen by the FPF over Adidas and the Brazilian brand Penalty as Marathon made the best offer. In fact, Adidas offered 500,000 US dollars and 8 million US dollars in products, while Marathon put on the table 1.5 million dollars and 8 million US Dollars in products.

The Peruvian National Team will be dressed by Marathon during the 2018-2022 process. The first-ever Marathon Peru shirt will be launched once the World Cup qualifiers come to an end.

Marathon also supplies the jerseys for Bolivia and Ecuador.

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