Real Madrid Debuts Remarkable Badly Prepared, Wrong La Liga Font

This week, we reported that Real Madrid and Atletico have somehow neglected the existence of the new league-wide La Liga font as they had been not wearing the typeface in any games so far and do not sell it in their stores. However, both teams logically had to use the league-wide font in their La Liga opener, respectively. But while Atletico's version of the league-wide font was spot on, Real Madrid 's typeface was not well prepared for the reigning champions.

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Real Madrid Uses Non-Customized, Slightly Wrong Version Of New League-Wide La Liga Font

Real Madrid's numbers missed the Real Madrid crest as well as the white silhouette (via Pedro Mayo‏).

Real Madrid's typeface used in the La Liga opener against Deportivo missed two important parts. First, while all La Liga teams should have the club's crest on the bottom of the font, Real Madrid typeface did not have this feature. Second, the numbers and letters both missed the blanked-out parts creating a white silhouette.

To see how the Real Madrid font was intended look like on Real Madrid's kits, we can check out the FIFA 18 beta, which featured it as well as images of other teams such as Barcelona.

We strongly expect that Real Madrid will fix the problems with the league-wide font in the coming weeks as such as a unprofessional work is not typical for the club.

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