Aaron Ramsey Reveals Next-Gen New Balance Knit Boots

New Balance looks set to become the latest brad to introduce a knit, high-collar football boot, Aaron Ramsey's latest training pictures suggest. Thanks for sending in the spot, emichel321.

The Arsenal and Wales midfielder, who usually wears New Balance Visaro 2 cleats, was spotted in a pair of blackout that undoubtedly carry the trademark 'N' logo on the outstep.

Most likely the next generation of the Visaro (the Visaro 2 was introduced in February 2017), Ramsey's blackout New Balance boots feature an unevenly shaped, heightened collar that is most likely made of a knit or neoprene-like material - a first for the brand.

It's difficult to confirm the material used for the rest of the upper, but it could well be a different synthetic.

Stay tuned for updates on what is likely the 2018 World Cup edition of the NB Visaro as we receive them.

Are you happy with this first look at a 2018 New Balance football boot? Leave a comment below, and check out the Boot Calendar for more.
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