All Adidas 2018-19 Teamwear Kits Released

After Adidas just introduced two new teamwear kits last season, the Three Stripes released five new Teamwear jerseys for the 2018-19 campaign (four players kits and one goalkeeper jersey). The new Adidas 2018-2019 Teamwear kits are used as base for the brand's 2018 World Cup shirts.

Adidas Condivo 18 Jersey *NEW*

The Adidas Condivo 18 Jersey is Adidas' new premium teamwear model,set to be the base for the 2018 World Cup kits as well as for the 2018-19 club jerseys. It features Adidas' Climate kit technology and a subtle geometrical graphic pattern.

Adidas Regista 18 Jersey *NEW*

The second new teamwear shirt for the 2018 cycle is the Adidas Regista 18 jersey.

Adidas Tiro 17 Jersey

Introduced last year, the Adidas Tiro 17 jersey is carried over into the new season, available in the following five color combinations.

Adidas Striped 15 Jersey

The Adidas Striped 15 jersey is carried over for another season.

Adidas Squadra 17 Jersey

The Adidas Squadra 17 jersey is carried over from last season.

Adidas Tabela 18 Jersey *NEW*

Replacing the Adidas Tabela 14 jersey, the Adidas Tabela 18 teamwear shirt features a v-collar and subtle pinstripes.

Adidas Entrada 18 Jersey *NEW*

Adidas' cheapest Teamwear jersey boasts a simplistic yet remarkable design, available in a ton of different color combinations.

Adidas Estro 15 Jersey

The Estro 15 Jersey will be available again in the 2018-19 season.

Adidas AdiPro 18 Goalkeeper Jersey *NEW*

The Adidas AdiPro 18 Jersey is Adidas' new premium goalkeeper template. The Adidas AdiPro 18 goalkeeper kit will be used by all national teams in the 2018 World Cup and by all club teams in the 2018-2019 season.

Adidas Assita 17 Goalkeeper Jersey

Carried over from last year, the Adidas Assita 17 goalkeeper shirt is available in four different color combinations. It is only half as expensive as the Adidas AdiPro premium goalkeeper shirt.

Which new Adidas 18-19 teamwear jerseys do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.