DFB Boot Rule Forces Almost All Germany Youth Players To Wear Adidas Boots

Some weeks ago, we investigated the question why Miroslav Klose laced up in Adidas football boots as assistant coach of Germany's national football team. Now let us take another quite odd DFB football boot rule, which forces all Germany youth players to wear cleats from the Three Stripes only.

DFB Boot Rule Forces All Adidas Youth Players Until U20 To Wear Adidas Boots

Germany's U21 players have free choice of their boots.

While there is usually a big boot brand diversity in every team, Germany's youth national teams are a great exception of this as all players are wearing boots from Adidas. But not only that, as Adidas provides the players with the boots, in some matches almost all players are wearing the same boot as Adidas 'preferably' gives the players the latest Adidas X football boot and not the Adidas Ace and Nemeziz.

In fact, the boot rule of German Football Federation's boot rule actually is a relict of the past that was eliminated for first team players around 12 years ago (Klose and other players were forced to wear Adidas boots despite their contract with other brands) and is also not valid for Germany's U21 players.

Many players are wearing other boots when playing for their club

Do you know of any other clubs or federations with such a boot rule? Let us know in the comments below.
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