Chelsea Striker Charly Musonda Shows Off Two Extraordinary Nike Mercurial Boots

Chelsea striker Charly Musonda is well-known for wearing extraordinary football boots, and he this week was again spotted wearing two remarkable Nike Mercurial football boots - one classic and one rather odd one.

Spot 1 - Charly Musonda Laces Up In Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Euro 2012 Boots

Close-up picture of Charly Musonda's Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 Clash Euro 2012 soccer cleats.

Boasting a striking white and pink half-and-half design, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 Euro 2012 football boots used by Musonda are one of the most popular Nike Mercurial paint jobs to date.

Interestingly, Charly Musonda was not the only player lacing up in a boot of Nike's this week as Wayne Rooney switched to the half-and-half white / green Nike Total 90 boots from the collection.

>Spot 2 - Musonda Creates New Custom Takedown NikeiD Mercurial Boots

Musonda's second remarkable boot choice of the week was less classic but rather odd as he created a striking new electric blue and electricity of the takedown Nike Mercurial Victory VI boots.

Musonda has already created a ton of different boots on NikeiD this year

However, while Musonda again laced up in truly special soccer boots in training, he opted for rather standard boots in the League Cup match against Everton this week, the Electric Green Nike Mercurial Vapor XI soccer cleats that were released in early 2017.

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