Closer Look - The Swooshless Nike Tiempo Legend Boots of RB Leipzig's Diego Demme

If you followed German club football last week, you might have noticed that a RB Leipzig player was wearing strange boots against Bundesliga giants Bayer München. We take a closer look at Diego Demme's extraordinary Nike Tiempo Legend VII soccer shoes.

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Diego Demme Wears 'Swooshless' Nike Tiempo Legend VII Boots

Close-up picture of Diego Demme's odd boots.

Based on the Nike Tiempo Legend VII 'Lock In Let Loose' Anti-Clog edition, Diego Demme has removed the white Swooshes of his boots. He has done his not because to make his boots lighter but in order to give Nike no free advertising.

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Diego Demme to Join Puma?

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However, while there is no certain info about Diego Demme's exact contract situation, it seems likely that he will join Puma as he was spotted wearing the Puma evoPOWER football boots some weeks ago.

Have you even seen a player with such a modification? Let us know in the comments below.
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