What Are Those? Here Is All You Need To Know About Football Toe Socks and How to Get Them From Adidas, Nike & Co

Have you ever seen toe socks before? We shared a picture of Japanese midfielder Atomu Tanaka holding the trophy of the Finish Suomen Cup, and many asked us what exactly his socks are and if they are custom-made for the Japanese number 10. So let's find out why he is wearing those 'Five Finger Socks' and what are the advantages of them.

Toe Socks (Five Finger Socks) - Designed to Prevent Skin-On-Skin Friction, Popular in Japan

Toe socks might be not well-known in Europe and the Americas, but they are widespread and popular in Japan. They are designed to prevent skin-on-skin friction while providing enhanced posture, gripping and balance featuring individual, seamless toe sleeves.

Five finger socks, how they are also called, seemed to be invented in Spain. The country which five finger socks sell most now is Japan. In fact, toe soccer socks from all big global companies such as Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Umbro and Mizuno are available in Japanese stores such as SS Kamo.

It is quite hard to get toe soccer cleats outside Japan. While there are various stores specialized in selling toe socks, there seems to be no store in Europe / United States selling the toe socks from Adidas and Co specifically made for football. So you have to import toe socks from Japan, at least if you want some specifically made for football from the big and reliable brands.

If you wondered which specific model Tanaka was wearing - it looks like they're made by Tabio, which is a Japanese brand.

Have you ever used toe socks? Do you know other players who are using them? Let us know in the comments below.
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