Interview - Assou-Ekotto Reveals Why He Has No Boot Contract, What He Hates About Adidas & Co and What Are His Favorite Classic Boots

When it comes to football boots, AS Saint-Etienne's Assou-Ekotto is one of the most interesting players currently. He has no boot contract since several years and constantly laces up in both classic and iconic football boots. Now, French football boot experts Footpack managed to make an interview with the left back, and we finally find out why he is doing without a soccer cleats contract, what are his favorite boots and how he get his hands on them.

Have you ever been under contract with a brand?

Yes, when I was playing Tottenham [2006-2013], I was under contract with two brands, Puma and Under Armour. Under Armour was new at the time on the market and very listening to the players and their feelings. They were very professional in their approach and this relationship of trust that I had with them suited me perfectly.

What do you blame for brands today?

For me, the brands are now less concerned about the needs of the players. They send hundreds of pairs to all players under contract but if you have a problem of size or comfort, it is not necessarily a priority for them. Except for the big players. The others do not really have a say. We send you shoes, you have to wear them, point.

Brands are now less concerned about the needs of a playerToday, brands prefer to sponsor a player who plays for a European, or South American, national team rather than an African player.

No brand offers you a contract?

Brands sponsor you for the sole purpose of selling behind. In the past, I did not like the fact that a brand proposed a bigger contract to a European teammate who was a substitute while I was a regular. I no longer want to imprison myself with a brand that will favor one player more than another, not on performance criteria, but on criteria according to me commercial like nationality.

Today, brands prefer to sponsor a player who plays for a European, or South American, national team rather than an African player. Just look at the account Instagram of the brand Adidas for example: there is not an African put forward. For them, this continent does not sell because the market for the sale of shoes is in Europe,

Are you the only player in the locker room of Metz to wear different brands from one match to another? How do your teammates govern?

Most of the shoes I buy are leather because I appreciate the comfortYes, I think I'm the only one. I even wear shoes that some have not even known (laughing). There are not really any questions about my shoes but rather: "Why do not you have a contract?". I reply that I prefer to choose my shoes, to be free and that my freedom has no price.

What are your criteria for buying your shoes?

Most of the shoes I buy are leather because I appreciate the comfort and the fact that I feel very comfortable in these old school pairs. There is a nostalgic side with these shoes ... It reminds me of my 20 years. It's like I'm listening to a tube of the years 2000!

Introduce us your favorite models of the moment ...

At the beginning of the season, I was playing with Adidas Predator, David Beckham's 2002 Mania version. Now I play with the Nike Air Legend R10 [Ronaldinho's shoes in 2006]. I alternate sometimes but after a while the shoes wear out, lose a little shape and I change them in the stride.

And how do you get those vintage pairs?

Before, I bought them on eBay but for some time, it was a French supplier, @Tbtclassicfootballboots, who contacted me directly on Instagram and who offered me different pairs.

I almost played with the Nike Mercurial last generationSince I go through him because he happens to find me the most new pairs I want. I have never seen, never met and I do not even know how it is to find them! Sometimes I send him a picture of the pairs that I would like to have, sometimes he offers me. He knows my size and selection criteria and it works well.

Have you tried current models?

No, not really, I did not have the opportunity. I almost played with the Nike Mercurial last generation that I had previously waxed black by a company specialized in makeup soccer shoes ... but they go too small! So I keep playing with my old school pairs.

Are you a collector or are shoes just a tool for you?

Before, I just kept a few unique pairs that I could have but nothing more. For the past three or four years, I have been keeping the jerseys or tracksuits of clubs. For shoes, I must have about 30 pairs at home. "

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