REAL Picture: Arsenal 18-19 Third Kit Leaked

Update: The first real picture of the Arsenal 18-19 third jersey has leaked, giving us an better idea of what it's like.

The new Puma Arsenal 2018-2019 third kit will boast a fresh color combination. Likely the last made by Puma as Adidas is reported to take over from the 2019-2020 season, the new Puma Arsenal 18-19 third kit is expected to be released in late July / early August 2018 as the last jersey of Puma's Arsenal's 18-19 kit collection.

Puma Arsenal 18-19 Third Kit

This draft shows the Arsenal 18-19 third shirt.

After last year's third kit introduced a stealth / pink look, the new Arsenal 18-19 third kit combines the main color turquoise ('Biscay Green') with navy applications ('Peacot'). The new Arsenal 2018-19 third shirt features a monochromatic club crest and navy supplier and sponsor logos.

In line with Puma's style this season, the Arsenal 2018-2019 third jersey has two dark blue stripes run around the lower sleeve. A traditional collar completes the look of the new Arsenal Puma third kit for 18-19.

Shorts and socks in the same color as the jersey will complete the Puma Arsenal 2018-2019 third kit.

Arsenal 18-19 Third Kit Collection

Here are some training and lifestyle pieces Puma will release together with the jersey.

The new Arsenal 2018-2019 third jersey is set for a release in late July 2018.

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