Insane! Supposed Leaked Adidas 2018 World Cup Boots Were All-New Nike FTR10 Prototype Boots

Back in May 2017, we shared a picture of what we (and our source) believed to be the Adidas X 18+ and 18.1, or at least early prototypes of them. We came to this conclusion because the one boot featured a lace cover and the other looked and awful lot like the X 16.1 and 17.1.

Later this year Gabriel Jesus was spotted wearing blackout next-gen Adidas X Purespeed boots in training, and they looked nothing like the earlier leak, which was subsequently quickly forgotten about.

Turns out, the blackout boots were Nikes all along. Thanks to the leak of the Nike FTR10, we can now correctly identify the blackouts as prototypes of that exact boot. The Nike FTR10 cleat silo is set to debut after the 2018 World Cup and will replace the current Magista line.

Having only seen the inside of the Nike FTR10 cleats so far, we can now see the entirety of the upper, while also getting a better look at the 3-D control texture that covers it all around. The collar and lacing system of the all-new Nike soccer boots can be seen better than ever before. Sewn to the Flyknit upper, said collar looks to be made from an entirely different, sock-like material.

Probably even more interesting is the pair of boots on the right side. First off, although it does look a lot like the Adidas X 16.1 and 17.1 models, it's very likely a 'takedown' of the FTR10 Elite without the lace cover. This is supported by the upper texture, especially in the forefoot part, as well as the collar which is similar but not identical to those found on the Adidas shoes.

Despite obviously being something of a successor for the Magista line, the Nike FTR10 makes some serious changes while taking inspiration from some of Adidas' most successful recent innovations along the way. Perhaps this was one of the main reasons for the new name.

What do you think of these 'new' Nike FTR10 blackout pictures? Drop us a line below, and check out the Boot Calendar for all the latest leaks and release dates.
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