'Strapless' Keeper Gloves, Nike FTR10, Revolutionary Snood - These Are Nike's Top 5 Football Innovations in 2018

When it comes to product innovations in football, nobody can deny the fact that Nike has been on top of the game in the past few years. The brand not only changed the design of football boots forever with the launch of the knitted high-cut Nike Magista ahead of the 2014 World Cup, the Swoosh also brought out some other groundbreaking innovations such as the Anti-Clog boot technology recently.

In 2018, the year of the World Cup, Nike is yet again ready to revolutionize some soccer products.

Next-Gen Nike Mercurial Boots

Nike will launch their first important product of the year in February 2018 - the next-generation Nike Mercurial soccer cleat. Designed for ultimate lockdown, speed and touch, the Nike Mercurial 2018 World Cup boots are nothing really new but actually almost the same as the Nike Ultra Flyknit cleats that were launched in September 2017 (in fact, the Nike Ultra Flyknit are somehow Nike's 'hidden' preview of the next-generation Mercurial).

The next-generation Nike Mercurial will bring us the first knitted Nike Mercurial Vapor as well as an heavily updated Nike Mercurial Superfly (For the first time, the Superfly and Vapor are identical apart from the collar -> there won't be a synthetic Nike Mercurial boot for the first time in history ).

'Strapless' Goalkeeper Gloves

In Spring 2018, Nike will release their first-ever high-end goalkeeper gloves that do no look like keeper gloves at first glance. The all-new Nike Goalkeeper Vapor Touch gloves come without that traditional strap system but with revolutionary reverse-stitched gusset wraps that let them feel like an extended part of the hand. Before seeing them from from near distance one would guess they are usual gloves at first glance.

New Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Another innovation that will draw peoples attention is the launch of the Nike Attack Carbon Fiber Elite 2018 shin guards, which will be Nike's most expensive shin guards released to date. They replace the original, first Nike carbon fiber shin guards that were released 10 years ago.

Nike FTR10 Football Boots

Just four years after they were introduced, Nike will replace the revolutionary Nike Magista football boot silo in favor of the all-new FTR10 soccer shoe. Designed for the modern player who does not only need control but also speed, agility and perfect shooting, the Nike FTR10 feature a brand-new design for Nike football boot with 'ghost laces' and various other innovations.

Nike Snood

The most-sought innovation, however, is a product that hasn't seen any special attention over the past decades - neckwarmers. Nike is set to change the look and feel of traditional neckwarmers forever with the Nike Snood, a cutting-edge neckwarmer that comes with a neoprene material with holes around the mouth for breathing. The Nike Snood will drop in Fall 2018.

Which new Nike product do you look most forward to in 2018? Do you also think that Nike has been the clear leader in the football market when it comes to product innovations in the past few years (High-cut, knitted boots, Anti-Clog boot technology)? Let us know in the comments below.
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