No More Adidas Leather Boots? Professional-Exclusive Adidas X 17.1 Kangaroo Leather Boots Revealed

After we revealed that Adidas created a custom Kangaroo leather version of the Adidas Predator 18 soccer cleat only for their professionals, Bayern Munich's Thomas Müller now posted a picture of his new Adidas X 17.1 football boots that shows off that the Three Stripes did the same for the Adidas X.

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Marcelo is also wearing the Adidas X 17 leather version...

Adidas Creates Adidas X K-Leather Version Solely For Their Players

This is Müller's custom Adidas X 17.1 leather football boot.

Thomas Müller's exclusive Adidas X 17.1 leather football boot combines the standard synthetic Adidas X 17.1 football boot with the Kangaroo leather upper Adidas created for the Adidas Ace 16.1 Kangaroo leather football boot and also uses for the player-exclusive Adidas Predator 18 leather boots.

Many colorways of the last-gen Adidas X boots were released as Kangaroo leather edition

In fact, Adidas planned to release a leather variant of the Adidas X 17.1 football boots, just as they did with the last-gen Adidas X 16.1. There also have been quite a few leaks of the Adidas X 17.1 leather soccer boots, but the Three Stripes decided to release no Kangaroo leather edition shortly ahead of the launch of the silo.

Leaked Adidas X 17.1 Leather Boots - They were never released

The leaked Adidas X 17.1 leather football boots appear to be the same as those Thomas Müller received.

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All in all, Adidas now offers none of their three main silos worn by the best players (Nemeziz, Predator, X) as leather variant anymore (Nike has the Tiempo). At least, to answer the question of the headline, there is still one high-end modern Adidas leather boot available. The Adidas Copa, of which a new generation was just launched this month.

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