Has Harry Kane Received Camouflaged Nike Hypervenom Boots?

One of our followers reached us out on Instagram to make us aware that Tottenham Hotspur's striker Harry Kane would be wearing modified Nike Hypervenom Phantom III boots with the upper of the first-gen Nike Hypervenom boots. But has Harry Kane really received heavily modified cleats from the Swoosh?

Harry Kane's Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Boots Are Not Camouflaged

Close-up with Harry Kane's cleats.

The image of Harry Kane that was posted on Premier League's Instagram suggests that the upper of Kane's boots is the one of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom I. However, there are other, much better of his boots that reveal that the upper of his cleats is not modified at all, so the first guess of our follower was wrong.

Embed from Getty Images

Interestingly, Harry Kane wore modified low-cut Nike Hypervenom cleats (Nike Hypervenom Phinish II with a custom tongue) before the Swoosh launched the all-new Nike Hypervenom Phantom III around one year ago.

Do you know any player who is wearing a camouflaged Nike Hypervenom boot currently? Let us know in the comments below.
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