Here Is One Reason Why Tottenham Did Not Renew With Under Armour

Tottenham Hotspur left Under Armour in 2017 to join rival Nike. Now one of the reasons why Tottenham did not renew with Under Armour has emerged.

Under Armour Kits Very Expensive For Club

One of the reasons why Tottenham Hotspur did not renew with Under Armour was that the US brand wanted £26 per shirt from Tottenham as opposed to £14 per shirt under Puma, according to Sports Sponsorship Insider editor Matthew Glendinning. This lead to less margin for the club and may also was the reason why the club run out of jerseys last season.

It is not known how expensive a Nike kit is for Tottenham Hotspur, while it seems safe to expect that it is more than what Puma wanted some years ago.

The Nike Tottenham deal is reported to be worth £25m per season, much less than Chelsea's new Nike deal (£60m / season) and much less than what other teams get.

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