In Detail | Unique Nike England 2018 World Cup Font Revealed

Update: The England 2018 World Cup home kit is now available. We have added pictures of different players' shirts of the England 2018 World Cup kit.

Nike's England World Cup kits feature a bespoke typeface designed by Craig Ward. Let us take a closer look at the unique font that England will wear in Russia this summer.

Craig Ward is a British-born Design Director who is known primarily for his pioneering typographic works. Craig Ward has created typefaces for the likes of Calvin Klein Adobe, Starbucks and MasterCard.

Nike England 2018 World Cup Numbers

Here are some examples of the Nike England 2018 World Cup typeface.

Bespokly designed for the England national football team, the Nike England 2018 World Cup letters and numbers draws inspiration from Johnston and Gil Sans, both quintessentially English fonts (the former with overground transport and the latter for association with London’s underground).

On the bottom of the Nike England 2018 World Cup font is the federation's crest.

What is also interesting to not is that the player numbers (which are backed by anti-cling nodes because athletes mentioned that previous number applications had caused the shirt to stick to their backs during extreme heat) have been moved from the center of the shirt to a more breathable zone below the crest.

Wireframes for the England typeface

In an interview with about the design process and inspiration of the England 2018 World Cup font with Creative Review Craig Ward said: "I really wanted to create something dynamic that hinged on the cross icon, so I modeled and animated the core of the type in 3D software. I created a simple grid, drew single line paths for the letterforms and added a cross as a sweep around the path, which went on to inform the inline aspect and the twists in the letters. I’m hoping that the movement that went into creating the letterforms comes through in the final pieces."

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