UPDATE: Adidas Flamengo 2018 Home & Away Kits Leaked

Update: Based on the earlier leak, we've created a draft of the Flamengo 2018 away shirt.

The Flamengo 2018 home and away kits have been leaked courtesy of FLA Tático.

Flamengo 2018 Kits

This picture shows the Flamengo 2018 away, home and goalkeeper shirts.

A more classic look than the previous one, the new Flamengo 2018 home shirt features relatively thin black and red hoops, the latter with a subtle graphic print on the inside. The hoops appear on the back of the jersey, but not on the sleeves, which are solid red with black cuffs.

Flamengo 2018 Away Kit

This draft shows the Flamengo 2018-19 away shirt.

The Flamengo 2018 away shirt is completely white with a red and black EQT collar and red 3 Stripes on the shoulders. Caixa is expected to feature as main sponsor on both new Flamengo jerseys.

Going by recent experience, the Flamengo 2018 home jersey should be released in April, with the away following suit shortly after.

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