More to Come... Dozens of Adidas' 2018-19 Kits Feature Same Design

Update #2: Many of next season's Adidas kits have been released in the past few weeks. Many of Adidas' 2018-2019 kits feature the infamous design that was revealed in early 2018.

It is safe to assume that more jerseys with the design are expected to be revealed before the start of the 2018-2019 season.

Dozens of Adidas 2018 Kits Feature Same Designs

Update: Adidas' national teams debuted their new 2018 away kits in the international friendlies. Six teams wore a jersey based on the same template...

In a move that has disappointed a lot of kit connoisseurs, Adidas decided to use the exact same base template for most of its "lesser" away kits this year.

The Adidas Condivo 18 template, which is the brand's main teamwear model for next season and usually retails at EUR 50, has been used for (at least) the away kits of Algeria, Belgium, Northern Ireland Scotland, Sweden and Wales.

Condivo 18 'Bold Blue' vs Sweden 2018 World Cup away kit

To Adidas defense it has to be said the brand at least incorporated custom colorways compared to the stock model which is available in just 7 difference hues. All of this comes at a steep price though, with the national team shirts retailing at EUR 90, 40 more than the teamwear item.

Are you content with what Adidas has gone with for this set of national teams this year? Let's hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.