Awesome - EA Sports Releases FIFA 18 FUT Icon Kit For 'Real Life'

Kit designer Angelo Trofa‏ has created the kits for use in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons. Now the graphic designer announced that EA Sports has brought the FUT 18 Icon jersey to life.

FIFA 18 FUT Icon Jersey 'Brought to Life'

A classic yet quite bold design, the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons jersey is white with a golden and navy Sash and a unique navy and golden color.

The right chest area features the FUT Icons logo, while Angelo Trofa's logo is placed on the right chest. On the back of the collar is the writing Icons.

The FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons jersey will hit stores soon. There is no info how limited the jersey is and how much it will cost.

The FIFA 18 Icon goalkeeper jersey will not be available to buy very likely.

Will you try to get your hands on the special FIFA Icon jersey designed by Angelo Trofa? Let us know in the comments below.
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