PART 2: More INSANE 1990's Inspired Adidas Skateboarding Football Jerseys Leaked

More images have leaked of 90's football-inspired skate shirts by Adidas in collaboration with pro skateboarders.

The new images follow yesterdays exclusive leak of Adidas' collaborations with Rodrigo Teixeira, Na-Kel Smith and Miles Silvas.

These latest jerseys, again created by adidas Skateboarding in conjunction with the Brooklyn Creator Farm, this time see collaborations with Marc Johnson, Mark Gonzales and Daewon Song - all from the pro skateboarding scene. The shirts combine the legacy of the brand with elements of style from each 3 skaters.

Adidas x Mark Gonzales Jersey

Adidas x Marc Johnson Jersey

Inspirations behind the designs comes, of course, from some of the classic styles of 1990's football. The garish shirts are sure to turn heads this Summer. Retro-style block typeface adorns the rear of all 3 shirts, completing that authentic 90's feel.

Adidas x Daewon Song Jersey

We'd love to hear your thoughts on these crazy 90's football-inspired jerseys - leave a comment below.
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