Adidas Man Utd, Real Madrid, Flamengo, Bayern Munich and Juventus 2018 Icon Shirts Revealed

Adidas released a stylish new lifestyle football shirt collection for their biggest clubs - Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Flamengo.

The new Adidas Icon shirts boast a graphical tribute proudly on its chest. The left sleeve of each shirt comes with the Adidas logo and the respective team crest.

Adidas Manchester United 2018 Icon Shirt

Manchester United's 2018 shirt is red and yellow with a yellow devils graphic on the front.

Adidas Real Madrid 2018 Icon Shirt

Blue and yellow, the Adidas Real Madrid Icon T-Shirt comes with the lettering "Real Madrid Fútbol" and a ball graphic on the front.

Adidas Bayern Munich 2018 Icon Shirt

The Bayern Munich Icon Shirt combines the club's trademark color red with a blue graphic.

Adidas Juventus 2018 Icon Shirt

The Juventus t-shirt is black and white with the same graphic as Real Madrid's shirt.

Adidas Flamengo 2018 Icon Shirt

The Flamengo tee is red and white with the writing Flamengo Brazil on the front.

All five t-shirts are available for 32 USD.

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