Nike Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Atletico, Inter, Roma and Galatasaray 18-19 Away Kits / Info Leaked

Today we want to give you a complete overview of what to expect of the Nike 2018-2019 away soccer jerseys for the likes of Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG. Following a perhaps overly templated couple of seasons, Nike's 18-19 kits will feature more unique and inspired designs, much like what could be observed for this World Cup's international soccer uniforms.

Barcelona 18-19 Away Kit

The Barcelona 2018-2019 away jersey will once again be volt, just like in the very successful 2005-06 and 2014-15 campaigns, during which the club won the UEFA Champions League. Dark blue will be used for the Swoosh and the Rakuten logo on the Barcelona 18-19 away kit, for which there's no leak yet.

PSG 18-19 Away Kit

Recalling memories perhaps of the iconic Louis Vuitton inspired 2006-07 away shirt, the Nike PSG 2018-2019 away jersey will be cream with gold and black trim.

Chelsea 18-19 Away Kit

Chelsea's 2018-2019 Nike away jersey will be yellow, which is one of the most iconic alternative colors of the club. Complementing the rather unusual home shirt, the Chelsea 2018-19 away shirt is expected to be more subtle in its approach, although there's no full leak yet.

Manchester City 18-19 Away Kit

The Manchester City 2018-19 away shirt will introduce an interesting design in dark blue with lime and sky blue lines on the front - there's no full leak yet but this is shaping up to be very interesting.

Tottenham 18-19 Away Kit

This is the Nike Tottenham 2018-2019 away shirt.

Following a rather understated debut season, Nike has prepared a bold and crazy away kit for Tottenham next season. The Spurs 2018-19 away jersey is dark blue with a turquoise zig-zag pattern on the sleeves, based on the latest template.

Atletico 18-19 Away Kit

A relatively novel look, the Nike Atletico Madrid 2018-2019 away shirt will combine two shades of blue with bright red / orange trim. There's no leak yet.

Inter 18-19 Away Kit

Pending a major surprise, the Inter 2018-2019 away jersey will be white / cream with a subtle scale print inspired by the club's 'Il Biscione' (The Big Grass Snake) nickname.

Roma 18-19 Away Kit

Nike's AS Roma 18-19 away uniform will be predominantly grey with black set to be used for the Swoosh brandings. A bit like the third kit in the 2015-16 season.

Galatasaray 18-19 Away Kit

The Nike Galatasaray 2018-19 away shirt will be black with yellow and red trim.
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