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Caen 18-19 Home Kit Released

The new Umbro Caen 18-19 home kit was unveiled yesterday after the club achieved promotion with a 0-0 draw against PSG.

Caen 18-19 Home Kit

This is the Umbro SM Caen 2018-2019 home shirt.

The jersey is dark blue with red stripes that decrease in width towards the sides - it's a design that has similarities with last year's Barcelona home shirt.

Beyond the colors, the identity of the club is also highlighted with the badge of the club in relief at the heart as well as by the inscriptions "SM Caen" and "Normands et conquérants" (Normans and conquerors) on the outside below and inside of the collar, respectively. The iconic Viking is not forgotten either, thanks to a print on the back of the Caen 2018-19 shirt.

The shorts are back in blue while the red socks complete the kit.

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