Fellaini's Suit Against New Balance's 'Defective' Football Boots Fails

In November 2017, it emerged that Manchester United's Farouane Fellaini sued New Balance for £2.1million because New Balance's “defective” football boots were too tight, damaged his feet and caused untold pain. He also claimed that New Balance had simply copied boots made by their competitor, Nike. Story via The Telegraph.

But now a High Court judge has thrown out Fellaini's bid to sue New Balance, concluding that his contract with the sportswear giant was invalid, meaning he did not have to be wearing them at all.

Rosalina Investments, the investment company representing Fellaini, said that New Balance breached an agreement to pay Fellaini if he wore the company’s boots. New Balance said there were no "reasonable grounds" for asserting that a valid contract had been in place. Farouane Fellaini signed a four-year deal with New Balance, worth £600,000-a-year, in 2012.

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Fellaini is now wearing Nike Tiempo boots

But when Fellaini's four-year deal with New Balance expired in September 2016, a new contract was never formally agreed. The judge acknowledged that both sides had continued to communicate beyond this date as if a contract was in place, including repeated communications about the alleged pain his boots were causing him.

But she described Fellaini's refusal in December 2016 to attend any further personal appearances until a new contract was signed as “significant”. “The case based upon breach of contract is in my view bound to fail,” she said.

Fellaini said he would appeal against the judge's decision.
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