Juventus Fans Start Petition to Remove Jeep Sponsor Patch on New 2018-19 Kit

The new Juventus 2018-2019 football kit not only features much broader stripes than last season's kit, it also reintroduced the black patch for the Jeep sponsor logo. Fans of the club are not happy with the look of the Jeep logo on the new Juventus 18-19 jersey and have started a petition against the patch of the sponsor logo of the jersey.

Juventus Fans Start Petition to Replace Black Jeep Sponsor Box

With last season's Juventus shirt, it seemed that the use of the sponsor patch on Juventus kits had finally been abandoned as the jersey came just with the Jeep logo and without a black / white box (all previous kit featured a box for the Jeep logo). However, with the 2018-2019 home kit, Adidas has again added a box for the Jeep logo, somehow destroying the traditional vertical stripes design.

The petition to change the Jeep logo on the kit has already almost 10,000 signers.

Should Juventus change the Jeep sponsor logo on the kit? Let us know in the comments below.