Much Better - Fixed Adidas & Puma 2018 World Cup Kit Fonts

When Adidas and Puma released their 2018 World Cup fonts, they got heavily criticized because of the not nearly perfect distinctness of different letters and numbers. Now sport fonts experts have fixed two of the worst Adidas and Puma 2018 jersey numbers.

The Puma 2018 typeface is not only used for all of their nations in the 2018 World Cup but is also set to feature on many Puma 2018-2019 club kits such as Dortmund. The font could is also expected to be used for Marseille, Milan, Arsenal and various more clubs, even though that is not certain yet.

Adidas and Puma 2018 World Cup Typefaces - Fix

Christoph Koeberlin from Sportsfonts did not fix the whole Adidas and Puma 2018 World Cup fonts but just modified the number 7 of both brand's, reaviling that it wouldn't be too difficult both for Adidas and Puma to make their fonts more easy to read.

Despite being correctly blamed for their unreadable names and numbers, there are no plan known that Adidas could change their 2018 World Cup typeface.

What do you think of Adidas' and Puma's new typefaces? Should they fix them? Let us know in the comments below.