Nike 18-19 Third Kits Released - Barcelona, Chelsea, Man City, PSG, Atletico, Tottenham, Inter, Roma and Galatasaray

Yesterday's release of the Galatasaray third kit means that Nike's new 'Elite' third kit collection has been completed. Let's take a look at all 10 jerseys that were released over the past month.

All Nike 2018-2019 third kits feature a bespoke graphic design representative for the each team and their city, e..g. Galatasaray's kit features a Bosporus graphic and Barcelona's kit features a graphic print inspired by L'Eixample, Barcelona's famous city district.

Barcelona 18-19 Third Kit

The new Nike FC Barcelona 2018-2019 third shirt is light crimson with claret applications and a unique graphic pattern inspired by Barcelona's city district L 'Eixample on the front.

Chelsea 18-19 Third Kit

The new Nike Chelsea 2018-2019 third jersey is light blue with darker blue details and a unique graphic design on the front.

Manchester City 18-19 Third Kit

The Manchester City 2018-19 third shirt is purple with an orange Sash.

PSG 18-19 Third Kit

PSG's third kit(s) stands out from the rest - made in a collaboration with Jordan Brand, the club has received two player shirts (one black and one white) which will be used exclusively in the UEFA Champions League.

Tottenham 18-19 Third Kit

The Tottenham Hotspur 2018-19 third jersey is turquoise / teal with navy trim and silver-metallic brandings and logos. The front boasts a print of North London from above.

Atletico 18-19 Third Kit

It is expected that the Nike Atletico Madrid 2018-2019 third shirt will be predominantly ice blue.

Inter Milan 18-19 Third Kit

The Nike Inter Milan 2018-2019 third kit will be light grey with silver metallic logos and dark blue trim. The Inter 2018-19 third kit feature a cross graphic, inspired by the Milan flag.

Roma 18-19 Third Kit

Nike's AS Roma 18-19 third uniform is yellow with metallic silver brandings and a print of Rome from above on the front.

Galatasaray 18-19 Third Kit

The Nike Galatasaray 2018-19 third shirt is white with a bespoke Bosporus-inspired graphic.

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