EXCLUSIVE: Revolutionary 'One-Piece' Adidas Russia 2018 World Cup Knit Jersey Leaked

On Saturday, we leaked the first-ever fully knitted, one-piece football jerseys made entirely out of Primeknit in the form of three Adidas Germany 2018 World Cup Knit jerseys. Now we have received images of the Adidas Russia Knit 2018 World Cup Jersey.

The all-new Adidas Knit soccer jersey feature a totally-new Primeknit construction that makes (almost) all seams obsolete. It is the biggest kit innovation in this century so far.

Adidas Russia 2018 Knit Jersey - Home

This is the all-new Adidas Russia 2018 Knit Jersey.

Based on the design of the regular World Cup home jersey, the Adidas Russia 2018 Primeknit Jersey features an all-new, one-piece Primeknit construction. The biggest difference to current kits is that the lettering on the front and back is actually knit and not just printed onto the shirt, and that the shirt features almost no traditional seams.

The Adidas Russia 2018 Knit jersey is set to be launched this week. Adidas will possibly also release a Knit version of the away kit. The Russia 2018 Knit Jersey will be limited to 2018 editions. Pricing info is not known yet.

Russia will not wear the revolutionary jersey at the World Cup. Stay tuned for more details as we receive them.

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