Just One Adidas Team Left - 2018 World Cup Brands Battle

Update: Nike has three teams in the 2018 World Cup semi-final, while Adidas has just one team left. Only two Nike teams were eliminated in the 2018 World Cup knockout stage so far (Brazil and Portugal), while 7 Adidas teams had to fly home already (Spain, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, Japan, Colombia).

via Mantos do Futebol

2018 World Cup Knockout Stage - Battle of Brands

Although Germany's elimination will have come as a huge surprise and shock to the 3-Stripe brand, Adidas and Nike heavily dominate the Round of 16 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup - not just in terms of boots but also kits.

Out of 16 teams amongst the last 16, Adidas produces the kits for 8 of them - there are even two all-Adidas affairs in the Last 16 round (Spain v Russia and Belgium v Japan). Nike has five teams, amonsg them perhaps more clear favorites than in Adidas' group, while Puma (2) and Hummel (Denmark) complete the tableau.

2018 World Cup - Battle of Brands

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