Throwback: Here's Who Produced the Most Kits at the France '98 World Cup + All 32 Home Kits

Nowadays, by far most kits and boots on display at the World Cup are produced by Nike and Adidas - but how did it look 20 years ago, at the legendary 1998 World Cup which took place in France?

The guys over at mantosdofutebol have created a handy graphic which shows us just that. Upon first glimpse, we can see that there was indeed a lot more diversity in terms of kit brands, with Adidas and Nike only having six teams each. It's almost double that at the 2018 World Cup, with Adidas supplying 12 and Nike 10 teams.

* Italy wore Nike kits, although the brand logo did not feature on them

All of this happened thanks to the smaller brands losing a fair share of teams or being outright bought up by the big two as it was the case with Umbro (Nike, although the brand is independent once again) and Reebok, who each had three teams in France 1998.

1998 World Cup Kits

Would you like to see more diversity in terms of brands or do you prefer the supposedly higher quality of materials used by the big brands? Comment below.