Manchester City Takeover Imminent? Toulouse Unveil New City-Esque Logo

French club Toulouse are about to be taken over by Manchester City apparently and today they revealed a brand-new crest that does not help make these rumors go away.

In fact, Toulouse president Olivier Sadran said the following: "We are working on a capital increase plan to give more resources to the club. With an industrial partner that brings added value… through a partnership with a big European club!"

Toulouse 18-19 Logo

This is the new Toulouse logo to be used from next season.

The new Toulouse logo introduces a streamlined look very much in the style of the still quite new Manchester City logo redesign.

According to the club, it was created by Julien, a supporter, who participated in a competition to design the new club logo when Toulouse celebrated its 80th birthday last year.

It's yet another circular logo, with a roundel around the center circle displacing the team name and founding year. At the center of the emblem is the coat of arms of Toulouse.

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