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Insane - CA Colón 18-19 Kits Produced by Fake Burrda

This week, Argentinian club CA Colón presented its new shirts for the 2018-2019 season. However, even though the kits feature the logo of Burrda Sport the jerseys are not related to the real Burrda at all.

Burrda Sport was founded in 2006 in Switzerland. The supplier became famous when manufacturing the uniforms of the Blegium national team for the 2014 World Cup and also supplied the kits of French club OGC Nice. The brand now has its headquarters in Doha in Qatar.

Burrda Says That CA Colón 18-19 Kits Are Not Produced by Them (Real Burrda)

Shortly after the launch of the kits, it turned out that Burrda has nothing to do with the new Club Atletico Colón jerseys - the brand declared via Twitter that it never closed a contract in Argentina and that has no relation with the Argentine team.

Burrda Sport said that "PSM from Qatar as holder of the brand BURRDA SPORT worldwide has no official representation in Argentina nor has entered into any contractual relation with any local representative nor any sport club in that country."

Still by Twitter, the brand continued:

Therefore, PSM rejects any responsibility for the damages or inconvenience of any nature caused to any third party dealing or contracting in Argentina with any person or entity invoking the legal right to use or manage the brand not granted by PSM.

So far, neither the club nor the supposed Argentine "Burrda Sport" have manifested themselves on the matter. It seems most likely that someone illegally said that he would represent Burrda in Argentina to make money out of Burrda's deal with CA Colón.

The contract with Colón was officially announced in December 2016 and two collections have already been signed by Burrda to the Argentine club.

What did you think about the Burrda Sport brand in Argentina?