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Levante 18-19 Away, Third & Senyera Kits Released

Two weeks after the launch of the home shit, Levante today released its new away and third kits for the upcoming season. In addition to the home, away and third stips, Levante will yet again carry over their Senyera shirt that was originally released in 2016.

Levante 18-19 Away Kit

This image shows the Macron UD Levante 2018-19 away jersey.

Levante's 2018-2019 away shirt features black and white stripes. Macron combines the black and white jersey with Levante's traditional blue and red colors on the collar and the sleeve cuffs.

Black shorts and socks complete the new Levante 18-19 away kit.

Levante 18-19 Third Kit

This is the UD Levante 2018-2019 third shirt by Macron.

Based on the same template as the away kit, the Levante 2018-19 third jersey introduces a striking look in Volt, blue and red, similar to Barcelona's 2018-19 away kit.

The shorts and the socks of the new UD Levante 18-19 LaLiga 3rd kit will be Volt.

Levante 18-19 Senyera Kit

This is the Macron Levante Senyera jersey.

Completing the set is the Levante Senyera shirt, which is carried over for the second year in a row - it was originally released for the 2016-17 season.

Let's hear your thoughts on the Levante shirts in the comments below. Check out the Kit Overview to see all LaLiga shirts for next season.