Adidas 'Exhibit Pack' 2019 Boots Leaked

Adidas' first major 2019 football boots collection will be called 'Exhibit Pack', we can exclusively reveal. Let's take a look at the full set of soccer cleats - so far three of the four silos have leaked.

Adidas X Exhibit Pack

The Adidas X 18 cleats from the Exhibit pack are red with silver brandings and a color-blocking blue-and-yellow sole plate.

Adidas X 18 Exhibit Pack

Adidas Nemeziz Exhibit Pack

In similarly garish fashion, the Adidas Nemeziz Exhibit soccer boots are yellow with blue.

Adidas Nemeziz 18 Exhibit Pack

Adidas Copa 19 Exhibit Pack

The Adidas Copa 19, only the second overall colorway of the new generation of the boot, is black with garish yellow trim.

Adidas Copa 19 Exhibit Pack

Adidas Predator 19 Exhibit Pack

Finally, there will be a next-gen Predator 19 forming part of the Exhibit pack. Although there is no leak yet, we have obtained colorway info. The Adidas Predator 19 Exhibit pack cleats will be predominantly blue with white and red.

There will not be a new Nemeziz Messi boot released at the time of the this collection, but the one that will drop between the previous pack and this one will have a colorway that will fit right in with the rest of the Exhibit pack.

INSANE Adidas Nemeziz Messi 2018-2019 Boots Leaked

The complete Adidas Exhibit pack is set to be launched in late January / early February 2019.

Do you like the Adidas Exhibit pack, the 3 Stripes' first major collection for 2019? Comment below.
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