English Premier League Patch Evolution

The English Premier League kicked off last weekend. Now shirt retailer Classic Football Shirts posted a picture of all Premier League badges in the history of the league, which was founded in 1992-93 and is now already in the 27th season.

English Premier League Sleeve Badge Evolution

The first English Premier League sleeve badge was introduced for the league's start in 1992. It was slightly updated after just one season with darker colors. In 2003-04, Premier League introduced a new sleeve badge based on the Barcleycard Premiership logo that was originally already released in 2001 when the league became the FA Barclaycard Premiership (the league did not change the sleeve badge for two years after revealing the new Barclaycard Premiership logo in 2001).

The EPL sleeve badge was again changed in 2004 and in 2007. The difference between the 2007-13 and 2013-16 logos is that the later logo is made from plastic while the other is made from fleece.

Since 2016, the Premier League is featuring the all-new logo that was revealed with the league's rebranding.

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