Stunning Argentina 2019 Copa America Home & Away Kit Concepts by Casa Bruni

Adidas will release a new Argentina home kit for the Copa America next year. Inspired by the news, Casa Bruni has created a set of Argentina 2019 Copa America kit concepts, also incorporating an away style which we don't know whether Adidas will also do.

Argentina 2019 Home Kit Concept

This image shows Casa Bruni's home kit concept.

For the home kit, Casa Bruni went with much thinner stripes than Argentina usually has in order to mix things up - according to him, the team has barely varied the stripe width ever.

Celebrating both the 1978 and 1986 World Cup winning shirts, which featured differing center stripes (white in '78 and blue in '86), the thinner stripes on the concept design are aligned in an asymmetrical fashion, with a star placed inside each of the two most center stripes to honor one of the World Cup wins.

The collar is inspired by what Bruni considers the most beautiful shirt ever worn by Argentina - the one from the 1998 World Cup.

A simplified version of the AFA crest completes what is a design full of inspiration and neat details.

Argentina 2019 Away Kit Concept

This is the Argentina away jersey concept by Casa Bruni.

For the away, Bruni went with a dark blue shade similar to the one that went unused throughout the 1978 World Cup. In order to add a modern edge to the design, it features a very subtle pattern like the one used on this season's Adidas elite third kits.

Would you like to see something similar done by Adidas for next year's new Argentina home jersey? Comment below.