FC Red Bull Salzburg vs RB Leipzig - Logos, Kits, Names, Stadiums & Owners - What Are The Differences?

The 2018-2019 Europa League will feature the first competitive meeting between German Bundesliga RB Leipzig and its Austrian cousin, Red Bull Salzburg. We take a look at differences of both clubs, including the owner structure, the names, the logos and the kits.

Last year, UEFA announced that it had cleared both clubs to take their places in soccer’s most exclusive club tournament.

Red Bull Salzburg vs RB Leipzig


FC Red Bull Salzburg was owned by Red Bull originally. However, last year, Leipzig and Salzburg made some changes to their corporate structures to comply with UEFA regulations - while Red Bull owns Leipzig, it is officially only a title sponsor of Salzburg since last year.

Red Bull holds 99% of German club RB Leipzig as shareholder, while the registered association holds 1%. However, due to rules of the German Football League (DFL), the members of the registered association have more than 51% of the voting rights (the club just has around 20 'independent' members).


The situation with the names of both clubs is also a bit difficult. Red Bull Salzburg is called FC Salzburg due to UEFA regulations in international competitions - the club is called Red Bull Salzburg in domestic competitions only. German RB Leipzig is NOT Called Red Bull Leipzig because of German Football League rules that do not allow a brand's name in club's name. RB Leipzig is short for RasenBallsport Leipzig officially -RasenBallsport means turf ball sport in English.


Red Bull Salzburg's stadium is known as Red Bull Arena <> in UEFA competitions Stadion Salzburg. The stadium of RB Leipzig is officially called Red Bull Arena (Leipzig) <> in UEFA competitions RB Arena.


The logos of Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig do have a lot in common. However, now it again gets a bit complicated as Red Bull Salzburg has two logos - the regular with that includes the Red Bull branding and a special one for the UEFA without the Red Bull logo.

In fact, Red Bull Salzburg had to change their logo last year in order to make their logo more different to that of RB Leipzig - the UEFA version of the RB Salzburg logo sine then just features one bull.

In 2014, RB Leipzig had to change the club logo to distance themselves from their owners after gaining promotion from the German third tier (3. Liga) to the 2. Bundesliga under pressure of the German Football League (DFL).


The kits of Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig had been identical apart from the logos in the beginning. However, last year, UEFA forced Red Bull Salzburg to release an extra kit that is different to Leipzig's as both teams played in the UEFA Europa League. Since this season, the kits of Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg and German club RB Leipzig are completely different (both are made by Nike).

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