UPDATE: Roma 19-20 Home Kit Design, Colors & Release Date Leaked

Update - November 30: Pictures of a new AS Roma fan t-shirt have leaked. According to our sources, this t-shirt is directly inspired by the 19-20 home kit design. Fittingly, we can see the zig-zag line run down the center, with no less than five identity graphics featuring between the front and back side. Will we see all of them on the kit as well...?

Update: We've received new info on the Nike AS Roma 18-19 home kit, which will be launched in May 2019.

Following the Barcelona info we shared yesterday, we've heard the first bits of reliable info on the Roma 19-20 home kit. It's not much mind, but we'll share it with you anyway as we eagerly await more.

Roma 19-20 Home Kit

First off, the AS Roma 2019-2020 home jersey will be made by Nike. Unlike expected earlier, it's set to be launched in May, similar to this year.

Next up are colors. The AS Roma 2019-20 shirt will have an ever so slightly different main color, while the accents remain 'University Gold'. The Roma 19-20 home kit will be predominantly 'Team Crimson', which was already used in 2017-18, i.e. the season that ended just a few months ago.

Design-wise, it looks like the AS Roma 19-20 jersey will be rather understated without anything like the all-over print used on this season's. Instead, we might see a small zig-zag line print somewhere on the shirt, such as the sleeves.

Finally, the yellow socks used on this season's Roma kit will be gone next year. They will be red with yellow trim, just like the shirt. The socks color will also change, from red to white.

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