2019-20 Kit Overview: All 19-20 Kit Leaks and Info

As the season has concluded in European football and the teams are set for the 19-20 season (almost) everywhere, we've once again made a big update to the 2019-20 Kit Overview. The 19-20 Kit Overview now includes all promoted teams as well as the latest leaks and releases.

In the 19-20 Kit Overview, you'll find all leaked 2019-2020 kits as well as all other sorts of info that might be available. We'll continue to update the 19-20 Kit Overview over the next year as new leaks and details emerge.

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2018-19 Kits - Top Leagues

Premier League

ArsenalHome + AwayThird
Aston VillaHomeAway-
Brighton & Hove AlbionHome + Away-
Crystal PalaceHomeAway-
Leicester CityHomeAway 1 + Away 2
Manchester CityHomeAwayThird
Manchester UnitedHomeAwayThird
Newcastle UnitedHomeAwayThird
Sheffield UnitedHomeAway-
SouthamptonHome + Away + Third
West HamHome + AwayThird
WolvesHome + Away-


Arsenal 19-20 Home + Away Kits
Arsenal 19-20 Third Kit

The Arsenal 19-20 kits are made by Adidas. For the away, the 3-stripe brand brings back the iconic 'bruised banana' design from the early 1990s, at least as an inspiration.

Arsenal 19-20 Away Kit
Arsenal 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits
Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Anthem Jacket
Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Collection
Arsenal 19-20 Retro Long Sleeve Jersey
Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Training Jersey
Adidas Arsenal 19-20 International Training Kit

Aston Villa

Aston Villa's 2019-2020 Premier League kits will feature the logo of Kappa after a deal was announced in May.


Chelsea 19-20 Home Kit
Chelsea 19-20 Away Kit
Chelsea 19-20 Third Kit
Chelsea 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit

The Chelsea 19-20 kits are made by Nike. The Chelsea 2019-2020 home shirt features a Stamford Bridge inspiration; the away will is white and classic and the third is black and orange.

Nike Chelsea 19-20 Training Kit
Chelsea 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
Chelsea 19-20 Anthem Jacket

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace 19-20 Home Kit

The Crystal Palace 2019-20 kits are once again made by Puma, with the home kit returning to white as accent color after many years.


Umbro is set to make Everton's 2019-2020 kits.

Leicester City

Leicester City 19-20 Home Kit
Leicester 19-20 Home & 2 Away Kits

Made by Adidas, Leicester's 19-20 home, away and third shirts got leaked on 17 April. The Leicester City 2019-20 home jersey was released ahead of a debut in the last Premier League match of the 18-19 season, with the two away shirts following soon after.


Liverpool 19-20 Home Kit
Liverpool 19-20 Away Kit
Liverpool 2019-20 Third Kit
Liverpool 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit
Liverpool 19-20 Goalkeeper Away Kit

The Liverpool 19-20 kits are made by New Balance. The home kit was released in April, while the away got leaked a short while after.

Liverpool's 2019-2020 third jersey will be dark grey / black and teal, although no pictures have surfaced yet.

New Sponsor: Liverpool 19-20 Training + Pre-Match Collection Released
Liverpool 19-20 Away + Third Pre-Match Jerseys + Anthem Jackets

Manchester City

Manchester City 19-20 Home Kit
Manchester City 19-20 Away Kit
Manchester City 19-20 Third Kit
Manchester City 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits
Manchester City 125th Anniversary Kit

Manchester City's 2019-2020 kits will be made by Puma. Due to the existing deal with Nike, the Man City 2019-20 kits will only be released from July.

The home kit is sky blue and combines this classic base with purple for accents. The away will be black and peach. By far the most unusual design out of the three, the Puma Man City 2019-2020 third kit will be yellow and peach. In addition to that, a special-edition 125th anniversary kit will also be released into the new season.

Purple Man City 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
Man City 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
Manchester City 19-20 Training Kit

Manchester United

Manchester United 19-20 Home Kit
Manchester United 19-20 Away Kit
Manchester United 19-20 Third Kit

Manchester United's 2019-20 jerseys are once again be produced by Adidas. While the home kit, which draws inspiration from the 1999 Treble, was already launched, there have been leaks for both away and third. The Manchester United 19-20 away jersey is quite unusual.

Manchester United 19-20 Track Jackets
Manchester United 19-20 Icon Retro Jersey

Newcastle United

Newcastle 19-20 Home Kit
Newcastle United 2019-20 Away Kit
Newcastle 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits

The Newcastle 19-20 kits are made by Puma.


Southampton 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits

Southampton's 2019-2020 kits are once again made by Under Armour. They feature bespoke, interesting designs and oversee the debut of new main sponsor LD Sports.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham 19-20 Home Kit
Tottenham 19-20 Away Kit
Tottenham 19-20 Third Kit

The Tottenham 19-20 kits are made by Nike. So far, there's only been a full leak of the new Spurs home shirt as well as the away and third colors.

Nike Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt


Watford 19-20 Home Kit

Watford's 19-20 kits are made by Adidas and feature FxPro as main sponsor. The Watford home shirt introduces a half-and-half design.


Wolverhampton Wanderers' new 2019-20 kits will be made by Adidas.

La Liga

AlavésHome + Away + Third
Athletic BilbaoHome + AwayThird
Atlético MadridHomeAwayThird
FC BarcelonaHomeAwayThird
Real BetisHomeAwayThird
Celta de VigoHome + Away-
SD EibarHome + Away + Third
EspanyolHomeAway + Third
GetafeHome + Away + Third
Levante UDHomeAway + Third
LeganésHome + Away + Third
OsasunaHome + Away + Third
Real MadridHomeAwayThird
Real SociedadHome + Away-
SevillaHome + Away + Third
Real ValladolidHome + Away-
VillarrealHome + Away + Third

Atlético Madrid

Atlético 19-20 Home Kit
Atlético 19-20 Away Kit
Atlético 2019-2020 Third Kit

The Atlético Madrid 2019-2020 kits, once again made by Nike, include a return to classic striping on the home kit. The away is black and red and the Atlético Madrid 19-20 third kit will be predominantly blue.

Atlético 19-20 Champions League Pre-Match Shirt

Atlético could be switching to Puma in the 20-21 season. The club have come out to deny the rumors for now, though.

FC Barcelona

Barcelona 19-20 Home Kit
Barcelona 2019-20 Away Kit
Barcelona 19-20 Third Kit
Barcelona 19-20 Senyera Fourth Kit
Barcelona 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits
Barcelona 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit

Barcelona's 2019-2020 kits are made by Nike, with the home kit featuring a never-before-seen checker design. The Barcelona 19-20 away jersey brings back the iconic look of a yellow base with a blue-red sash. The third will be teal with blue and red accents.

Barcelona 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
FC Barcelona 19-20 Training Kits


Betis 19-20 Home Kit

The Betis 19-20 home kit features much thinner stripes than its predecessor.

Celta Vigo

Celta Vigo 19-20 Home Kit

Celta Vigo's 2019-2020 La Liga jerseys are once again made by Adidas.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 19-20 Home Kit
Real Madrid 19-20 Away Kit
Real Madrid 19-20 Third Kit

Real Madrid's 2019-20 jerseys are made by long-term supplier Adidas. The traditional white home kit will be paired with gold accents, while the away and third kits are navy and mint green, respectively.

Real Madrid 19-20 Pre-Match
Real Madrid 19-20 Anthem Jacket
Real Madrid 19-20 Training Kits
Adidas Real Madrid 19-20 Icon Retro Long-Sleeve Jersey
Real Madrid 19-20 Away Pre-Match Shirt


Nike will make Sevilla's 2019-2020 kits as the club's supporters will hope for more unique efforts this time around.


Valencia 19-20 Away Kit
Puma Valencia 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kit Colors & Info

Replacing Adidas, Puma will produce the Valencia 19-20 kits.

Puma Valencia 19-20 Stadium Jersey + Anthem Jacket

Serie A

AtalantaHome + Away + Third
BolognaHome + Away-
BresciaHome + Away + Third
CagliariHome + Away + Third
FiorentinaHome + 4 Alternative
LecceHome + Away + Third
MilanHomeAway + Third
Parma CalcioHomeAwayThird
SSC NapoliHome + Away + Third
SampdoriaHome + Away + Third
SassuoloHome + Away + Third
SPALHome + AwayThird
TorinoHome + Away + Third
Hellas VeronaHome + Away + Third

Inter Milan

Inter 19-20 Home Kit
Inter Milan 19-20 Away Kit
Inter 19-20 Third Kit

Made by Nike, the Inter Milan 19-20 home kit, which was launched in late May, features a front panel with diagonal stripes, inspired by the iconic 88-89 shirt. The away is teal with black and gold, and the third kit will be black and yellow.

Inter 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
Inter 19-20 Anthem Jackets
Inter 19-20 Training Collection


Juventus 19-20 Home Kit
Juventus 19-20 Away Kit
Juventus 19-20 Third Kit
Juventus 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kit Colors + Info
Including Champions League Kit? Juventus to Release Collab with Palace
Juventus 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit

Adidas produced the Juventus 19-20 kits. The home was already presented in early May, with leaks of both away and third following later that month.

Adidas Juventus 19-20 Training Kit
Juventus 19-20 Retro Long Sleeve Jersey
Juventus 19-20 Collection


Milan 19-20 Home Kit
AC Milan 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits

The AC Milan 19-20 kits are made by Puma and once again feature very classic designs.

Milan 19-20 Training


Napoli 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits

Napoli's kits are once again made by Kappa.


Roma 19-20 Home Kit
AS Roma 2019-20 Away Kit
Roma 19-20 Third Kit

The AS Roma 2019-2020 kits are made by Nike. Just as in previous years, the Roma 19-20 home kit was already released in May, ahead of the final match of the 18-19 season.

Roma 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
Roma 19-20 Training Kit


Torino's 19-20 kits will be made by Joma.


AugsburgHome + Away + Third
Bayern MunichHomeAwayThird
Fortuna DüsseldorfHomeAwayThird
Hertha BSCHome + AwayThird
HoffenheimHomeAway + Third
KölnHome + Away + Third
MainzHomeAway + Third
PaderbornHome + Away + Third
Schalke 04HomeAwayThird
Union BerlinHome + Away + Third
Werder BremenHome + AwayThird
VfL WolfsburgHome + Away-

Bayern München

Bayern Munich 19-20 Home Kit
Bayern München 19-20 Away Kit
Bayern Munich 19-20 Third Kit
Bayern 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit

Adidas produced Bayern Munich's 2019-20 kits. The home kit was already launched in May, while the away and third were leaked in the following weeks.

Bayern Munich 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt
Adidas Bayern München 19-20 Icon Jersey

Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund 19-20 Home Kit
Dortmund 19-20 Away Kit
Borussia Dortmund 19-20 Cup Kit
Dortmund 19-20 Home, Away, Third & Cup Kits

Borussia Dortmund's 2019-2020 kits are made by Puma.

Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach 19-20 Home Kit
Gladbach 19-20 Third Kit

Puma makes Gladbach's 2019-2020 kits. The very unusual Gladbach 2019-20 home kit was launched in mid-May, just in time for a debut in the final Bundesliga match of the 18-19 season.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt 19-20 Third Kit

Eintracht Frankfurt let its members vote on the design of its 2019-20 third kit, which will be gold.

Hertha Berlin

Hertha 2019-20 Home & Away Kits

Nike will produce the Hertha BSC 2019-20 kits.


Hoffeheim 2019-2020 Home Shirt

The new Hoffenheim kits will be made by Joma, replacing Lotto.


Leipzig 19-20 Home Kit

The RB Leipzig 19-20 kits are made by Nike. The new home shirt introduces a bespoke look for the club including a unique print graphic.


The Schalke 2019-2020 kits will be made by Umbro.

Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen 19-20 Home Kit

Ligue 1

AngersHome + AwayThird
BordeauxHome + Away + Third
BrestHome + Away + Third
DijonHome + Away + Third
Lille OSCHome + Away + Third
LyonHome + AwayThird
MetzHome + Away + Third
MontpellierHome + Away-
NiceHome + 3 Away
Nîmes OlympiqueHome + Away + Third
Saint-ÉtienneHome + Away + Third
Stade de ReimsHomeAway-
Stade RennaisHomeAway-
StrasbourgHome + Away-
ToulouseHome + Away-

Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon 19-20 Home & Away Kits
Lyon 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits

The new Lyon 19-20 kits will be made by Adidas. The deal was recently extended until 2025.

Olympique Marseille

Marseille 19-20 Home Kit
Olympique Marseille 19-20 Third Kit
Marseille 19-20 Cup Kit
Olympique Marseille 19-20 Home, Away, Third & Cup Kits

Puma produces Olympique Marseille's kits in the 2019-2020 season. There are four distinct kits this season.

Marseille 19-20 Training Kits

AS Monaco

The Monaco 2019-2020 jerseys will be made by Kappa.


Nantes 19-20 Home Kit + New Logo

The minimalistic new logo makes its debut on the Nantes 2019-20 home kit.


PSG 19-20 Home Kit
PSG 19-20 Away Kit
PSG 19-20 Third Kit
PSG 19-20 Fourth Kit
Jordan PSG 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit

Paris Saint Germain's 2019-20 kits will again be made by Nike. Jordan brand will also produce two kits (away and fourth) as per the three-year deal that was signed. ALL replaces Emirates on the front of the new PSG shirts.

Paris Saint-Germain 2019-20 Home, Away, Third & Fourth Kits
PSG 19-20 Pre-Match Jersey
Jordan PSG 19-20 Away Pre-Match Shirt
PSG 19-20 Training Kit

Other Leagues

Boca JuniorsHomeAwayThird
GremioHome + Away-
InternacionalHome + Away-
PalmeirasHome + Away-
InternacionalHome + Away + Third
River PlateHomeAway-