Streamlined Manchester United Logos by socceredesign

Friday, 21 September 2018
After Ozan Dolgundag already imagined how a redesigned and overhauled Manchester United crest could look like a few weeks ago, socceredesign now stepped in to put his stamp on ManU. Check out his modernised designs down below and make sure to give him a follow on Twitter to catch a glimpse at all of his work.

Rationalised Manchester United Badges

For the first overhauled version, socceredesign went with a continuous circular shape for the outer part and replaced each football with the founding year to add a classic touch. As for the inner part, the shape has been altered drastically, whereas the size of each part was also adjusted.

For the second the version, the general design language stays the same, with a circular shape being implemented again, while the footballs get to keep their place. The only notable differences are the lettering as well as the black details around the outer part.

Overall, both designs speak a clear design language, trying to simplify an iconic as well as eternal symbol of recognition for a club almost as old as football itself.

Generally speaking, should bigger clubs let loose of their most iconic symbols and identity or keep true to their roots? Is there maybe a way in-between? Definitely let us know about your opinion in the comments down below.
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