Galatasaray 19-20 Home Kit Leaked - New Pictures

Update - May 8: @Atatural has shared a number of new photos of the Galatasaray 19-20 home shirt, which we should therefore see go on sale relatively soon.

Update - April 11: Three new pictures of the Galatasaray 19-20 home shirt have been leaked, showing the authentic version for the first time. Some people were previously unsure about whether there would be a Vapor version of the new Galatasaray shirt.

BREAKING - March 20: Official pictures of the Galatasaray 19-20 home kit have been leaked.

Galatasaray's 2019-20 home kit introduces an interesting take on the club's classic red and yellow halves. Set for a launch in May 2019, the Galatasaray 19-20 kit will also include black shorts and socks.

Galatasaray 19-20 Home Kit

This is the Nike Galatasaray 2019-2020 home shirt.

Galatasaray's 2019-20 shirt combines the classic classic yellow and red halves with subtle striping. The sleeves continue the blocked look at not simply extend from the body of the shirt.

Besides the subtle stripe details, the Nike Galatasaray 2019-2020 jersey also features black in the form of the collar, which is the same one used on the 2018 Vapor template.

The socks of the Galatasaray 19-20 home kit are confirmed to be black; the same is expected for the shorts as well.

What do you think of all this? Let's hear your thoughts on the 2019-20 Nike Galatasaray home jersey in the comments below. Also check out the Kit Overview for more about all the latest 2019-20 jerseys.