Juventus 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kit Colors & Design Info Leaked | Release Dates Leaked

Update: Juventus kit experts La Maglia Bianconera has revealed the release dates of the Juventus 2019-2020 home, away and third jerseys. The Juventus 19-20 home kit will be launched on May 12, the Juventus 19-20 away kit will drop on 1 July 2019, while the Juventus 19-20 third kit will hit stores on 25 July 2019.

Update: The usually very reliable @La_Bianconera have had access to official Adidas info on the Juventus 2019-2020 home, away and third kits. Where the away was previously expected to be predominantly red, it's set to be white with red in the end. The pictures of the away and third shirt are solely illustrative and the final designs are set to be unique with added graphics and details.

Ball with the inverted colors of the Juventus 19-20 third kit

Juventus 19-20 Home Kit

The image shows the Juventus 2019-2020 home shirt.

The Juventus 19-20 home jersey drops the club's iconic stripe design in favor of a half-and-half look. A slim pink stripe is placed between the black and white.

White is used for the right side of the Juventus 2019-20 home shirt.

Juventus 19-20 Home Kit

Juventus 19-20 Away Kit

This image shows the colors of the Juventus 2019-20 away jersey.

The Juventus 2019-2020 away shirt will be predominantly white with off-white trim and (probably) red logos. Red shorts and white socks will complete the kit.

Juventus 19-20 Third Kit

This image shows the colors of the Juventus 2019-2020 third jersey.

Completing the set will be the Juventus 2019-20 third shirt, which will be blue. Here, the logos will be 'aero blue', which is a very light, almost off-white color.

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