MLS Introduces Sleeve Sponsors - All Details

On October 23, it was leaked that Major League Soccer will introduce sleeve sponsors. Now the league has confirmed that teams will be able to sell a second advertisement on their kits, on players' sleeves.

Major League Soccer To Allow Sleeve Sponsors From 2020

Starting in 2020, Major League Soccer will remove its logo from the right sleeve of jerseys, allowing teams to sell a 2.5-by-2.5-inch square ad to corporate partners under a four-year pilot program announced Wednesday.

The size of the new MLS sleeve sponsor is the same as the size of the sponsor on NBA jerseys, interestingly The NBA first allowed jersey ads last season, and all but three of the league’s 30 teams have sold the space.

“This is an indication of a pretty robust sponsorship market,” said Gary Stevenson, president and managing director of MLS Business Ventures. “We wouldn’t do this if we hadn’t seen significant growth.”

Potential new deals for Major League Soccer clubs could be worth up to US$1 million per year.

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